The Lake at Nostell

Back in 2018 we decided to have a week away at Warner’s at Nidd. As we travelled through the scenic route to our hotel, we stopped at a place called Nostell in West Yorkshire.

A photograph of the lake at Nostell Gardens in West Yorkshire,

As it was only going to be a short stay, I only took my phone with me as my camera was buried deep amongst the luggage 😀 😀

The lake was breathtakingly beautiful with its panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. I never wanted to leave. The sun was at its highest peak, glistening off the crystal blue water. We took a leisurely stroll around the lake, taking in the picturesque views of the nearby lake and the magnificent trees that surrounded it.

The soft breeze and chirping birds provided the perfect backdrop to the moment. Being in beautiful places like Nostell took away all the worries of that city life you normally run, and we just enjoyed the tranquility of the lake.

We finished our walk around the lake and headed back out to our final destination at Nidd.

The photograph, with it being shot on a mobile phone is ideal for Johnbo’s CellPic Sunday and with that beautiful lake it fits perfectly into Jez’s Water Water Everywhere Photography Challenge.

Until next time… have a great Monday everyone!!!


6 responses to “The Lake at Nostell”

  1. You have good times and take great shots in Yorkshire!

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    1. I love it that way…


  2. It’s a beautiful, dreamy sort of a place

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