In the Garden #14- Fuchsia

Another fortnight has passed us by and it’s time for this beautiful fuchsia to get a touch of powder paint.

Photographed from my back garden, it thrived in our modular posts, amongst the pansies and violas.

A photograph of a pale lilac and cream dahlia photographed at Nymans in West Sussex.

A most welcomed sight in the morning.

This vibrant colour is a real highlight amongst the other blossoms. Occasional pinks and purples can be found in the foliage but nothing as eye catching as this fuchsia.

With a mixture of soil, compost and water, these plants know how to show off their individual beauty. You can often find them in most garden centers these days, with pots in various ranges of size and shape.

From an amateur gardener’s point of view, these have to be one of the most rewarding plants to take care of. Little effort, great rewards – and a show-stopping display of colour!

Posted as part of Cee’s flower of the Photography Challenge and XingfuMama’s Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge-2023 Week 8

Wanna join in on this fortnightly challenge …..

This is a simple fortnightly challenge, post an image taken In the Garden. Your image doesn’t have to be floral it could be a statue, garden wall, anything that you find in a garden be it your own garden, a friend’s garden or even a formal garden. Tag your image IntheGarden and create a pingback to the post or comment below.

Next In the Garden – 19th March 2023.

13 responses to “In the Garden #14- Fuchsia”

  1. I love fuchsias, and I love that effect too!

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  2. Beautiful processing of a beautiful flower, Bren!

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  3. Yes indeed! I love your digital artistry too. 😍🤩💕✨

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  4. Wow, so beautiful, Bren! ❤️🇬🇧

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  5. Love the effect! Remarkable image!

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