Before and After – On the Ouse at York

Well, it seems like months since I did a before and after in Lightroom. So, I thought I would do a before and after (With Settings) that I used on the image below.

Lightroom Settings

Edit Panel

Lens Corrections Panel

  • Remove Chromatic Aberration – Ticked
  • Enable Lens Correction – Ticked


  • Auto used for correction.

Basic Panel

  • Profile Modern 07
  • Temperature 5241
  • Tint +7
  • Exposure -019
  • Contrast +7
  • Highlights -64
  • Shadows +25
  • Whites +22
  • Blacks -21
  • Vibrance +20
  • Saturation +8

HSL Panel

  • Green Hue Slider +25

Detail Panel

  • Sharpening
    • Amount 81
    • Radius 10
    • Detail 25
    • Masking 93
  • Noise Reduction
    • Luminance 23
    • Detail 50
    • Contrast 0
    • Colour 25
    • Detail 50
    • Smoothness 50

Effects Panel

  • Style Highlight Priority
  • Amount -11
  • Midpoint 20
  • Feather 50

Masking Panel

Mask 1

I selected the Sky and then intersection that mask with a Linear Gradient and applied these settings to the intersected mask

  • Amount 100
  • Exposure *0.45
  • Contrast 70
  • Highlights -100
  • Shadows 100
  • All other sliders set to 0

Mask 2

For my second mask I wanted to highlight just the water. So I added a Brush Mask with these settings.

  • Brush 5.0
  • Feather 100
  • Flow 100
  • Density 100
  • Auto Mask selected
  • Contrast 72
  • Highlights -100
  • Shadows 100

Mask 3

Mask 3 again was created by the brush tool and using the same brush size, feather, flow and density along with these settings.

  • Temp 5
  • Clarity 25
  • All other sliders are set to 0

I also love how the buildings have more of a warmth colour to them.

I do hope this little tutorial will encourage you to playing around with masks and the features that are available. And don’t forget, you can always intersect your masks, with a variety of tools at your disposal.

The masking panel is far more advanced than it ever was in Lightroom. And there is plenty of literature to read on how to use the masking panel.


9 responses to “Before and After – On the Ouse at York”

  1. Interesting to see how people edit. I find most photographers hate to admit to what software edits they make and actively hide the info! Yours is a refreshing change!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no qualms in sharing how I edit photographs… Yes, there are some that like to hide their style and processing techniques. As for me, if someone copies my style, I take it as a compliment.

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  2. My goodness, what a terrifying post! I don’t have a techie bone in my body, so I think I’ll leave photo editing to others …. Nice results though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Margaret.. it’s not that terrifying.. it is just moving sliders to the numbers I give.


      1. Just look at that panel with all its decimal points though.


  3. Nice work – you brought out a lot of detail, color and contrast! I love Lightroom – it’s my “go to” for editing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you xx… I like what the settings did for the sky xx

      Liked by 1 person

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