Stone Bridge and Railings – Sheffield Park Gardens.

One of our favourite places to visit in East Sussex is Sheffield Park Gardens, in East Sussex. Sheffield Park Gardens are owned and maintained by the National Trust, and it is such a beautiful place to visit. With hidden forest walks, quirky bridges and an abundance of wildlife.

A photograph of one of the bridges at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

As you enter the gardens you can see Sheffield House, which unfortunately is not open to the public. The house overlooks the main lake. And as the gardens are on an incline you can see at the end of the lake a bridge and the Pullman waterfall which fall into another lake. The Pullman Falls are switched on between 12pm and 1pm every Tuesday and Friday.

Bridges, lakes and cascades
Iconic bridges and the Pullham Falls cascade link five mirror-like lakes creating dramatic reflections of shape, texture and colour.

National Trust – Sheffield Park Gardens

Sheffield Park Gardens change with the seasons… and the best season for us is autumn, when you start to see the trees turn golden or red.

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11 responses to “Stone Bridge and Railings – Sheffield Park Gardens.”

  1. I wonder what the original railings would have been made of, if there were any

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    1. I wonder if they were added as a safety measures and it was just a singer bridge.

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  2. A beautiful place

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    1. It is lovely there and not far from there is the Bluebell railway.

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  3. A lovely mysterious photo.

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  4. Such a beautiful & tranquil setting 😃

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