Stoneacre – Pull up a seat…

Every Friday XingfuMama holds a photography challenge, called Pull Up a Seat. As XingfuMama say’s when you get older you find yourself looking for somewhere to sit and to take a rest.

As I get older I find myself more and more often looking for a place to perch when I am out and about. This might be a chair, a bench, a wall, a pew…maybe even a log or a rock. These spots can be artfully designed, quirky or very plain, sometimes they have a view, sometimes you meet someone else who needs a rest.

A photograph of one of the rooms at Stoneacre in Otham, Maidstone, Kent

Unfortunately, in many historic houses there aren’t many places you can take a rest… especially in rooms that are dressed in the times with antique furniture. And like XingfuMama I too am finding that I am looking out for more places to rest now.

The room above was one of those rooms where you couldn’t sit on the furniture. However, on saying that it is a small house to visit, so you really don’t need to rest that often.

Stoneacre in Otham, Maidstone, Kent is only open at weekends and bank holidays. Be sure to check via the National Trust Site as to whether it is open on the weekend you want to visit.

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9 responses to “Stoneacre – Pull up a seat…”

  1. A cosy and characterful place to sit!

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    1. It is only a small place to visit, but it was worth it. They are cosy rooms, aren’t they?

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      1. Perfect for today. Brrrr!

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        1. It was a whole 3° higher today for the train run, it was only -2°C when we left. 😀 😀 😀 😀

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  2. Beautifully captured! The lighting is very special.

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