River Wye – Herefordshire

Whilst on holiday last year we went into Ross-on-Wye and took a walk by the river. We didn’t have our main cameras with us, so I took this snap on my Samsung A51 5g Phone.

A landscape photograph of the River Wye at Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire.

I didn’t do too much to image, a crop, and a few adjustments in the HSL panel, to change the hue of the greens and bring down the saturation of the blues. Finally, a little bit of dodging and burning and that was it.

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12 responses to “River Wye – Herefordshire”

  1. This is an area I’d love to know better: so thanks for the outing.

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    1. It was beautiful there.. my Stew Boy loved his early morning swim xx

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  2. He can have my share!

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    1. Thank you xx I gave Stew Boy my share too xx

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  3. Beautiful and tranquil scenery!

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      1. You’re welcome! xo


  4. Looks like a beautiful day and you did nice work in your processing! I love the reflection and shadows in the water.

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    1. My dog loved his daily swim in the river xx


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