Park Mill at Bateman House

When you visit Bateman House, remember to get a visitor Map, there are signs pointing to places but with the map in your hand you can find all those nooks and crannies, which are off of the pathway. The house is beauitful and the gardens are exquisite.

However, there is one feature you must not forget to see and that is Park Mill.

A photograph of Park Mill at Bateman House in East Sussex.

The mill is a working mill, and you can buy flour there. And you can go inside the mill and see how the flour is ground. To the rear of the mill, feeding the waterwheel is Mill Pond.

To get to the mill there are a couple of wooden bridges covering the stream, which you have to cross.

A photograph of the stream and bridge at Batemans in East Sussex.

Walking through the wildflower garden will lead you these bridges which then takes you to the Mill and Oast Houses. (The shortest route)

Inside Park Mill, you can explore the workings of the mill and take as many pictures as you wish of a working mill. However, please check to make sure the mill is running on the days you intend to go. There is nothing more disappointing than planning your trip, arriving at your destination and find out certain things are closed for the day.

A photograph of the machinery in Park Mill photographed at Bateman’s.

The terrain is a bit uneven in parts so sensible shoes are a must. You can walk further around the estate, exploring the ancient woodland and head to Mill Pond if you follow the map below.

All three of the images above, (except the map) are posted as part of Becky’s Walking Squares Photography and San’s Which Way Photography Challenge.


21 responses to “Park Mill at Bateman House”

  1. You show us photos of a charming and interesting place to have an enjoyable day.

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    1. Thank you… what I also love about Bateman’s is that is mainly on the flat… and plenty of benches.

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  2. Fantastic looking place to visit, Bren 👏 Love the wee wooden footbridge 😃

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    1. It is a lovely place …


  3. This looks beautiful 🙂 I’ve been to Bateman’s but without your excellent advice managed to completely miss the fact that there was a mill!

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    1. Oh what a shame.. You can walk up the side of the mill to Mill Pond … Some great shots to be taken off the water mill in action xx

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      1. We’ll have to go back one day!


  4. I so adore your bridge photo 😀

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    1. Thank you Cee xx

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  5. Such a nice place, I love the bridge over the stream. ❤️

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  6. A beautiful place to visit Bren!

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    1. It is lovely there xx and within the house is a part that displays Jungle Book xx


        1. It really was xx


  7. I am charmed by the tranquility. Such a lovely place to visit, even if only virtually.

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  8. what a beautiful and fascinating place

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    1. It is Becky… so much history there.

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  10. Alive and Trekking avatar
    Alive and Trekking

    Such idyllic shots! What a lovely place to visit!

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