Wordless Wednesday – Sissinghurst Castle

Wordless Wednesday – When a picture paints a thousand words!

A photograph of the stream at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent.

13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday – Sissinghurst Castle”

  1. Ah, a perfect summer scene for an ‘orrible winter Wednesday.

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    1. Believe it or not the sun has been out for a whole 15 mins …. just waiting for the next lot of torrential rain.

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  2. Beautiful summer greens – I love Sissinghurst!

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    1. Thank you, Sarah, I do too… I love how the gardens are divided into colours and species.

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      1. Yes – the White Garden is perhaps my favourite 🙂

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        1. Mine too. It is just stunning xx

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  3. It looks so peaceful there!

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    1. It really is lovely xx


  4. A beautifully peaceful shot, Bren.

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  5. I love the depth of layers. And of course, the green.

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