Mid-Week Monochrome #114 – Scotney Castle

A photography of the old castle at Scotney Castle in Kent.

Camera Settings

Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Lens: Canon EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
F/Number: f/7.1
Focal Distance: 55 mm

Shutter Speed: 1/125 sec
Photograph Date: 01.08.2012
Location: Scotney Castle in Kent
Photographer: Ash
Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic

Thank you to all those who have participated in last week’s challenge, and you can view the entries, for last week’s challenge, on the links below.

Last Week’s Entries

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28 responses to “Mid-Week Monochrome #114 – Scotney Castle”

  1. Ooh, I’ll have to get my London family to take me here. It looks great in this image. Here’s my – now updated offering this week: https://margaret21.com/2022/11/16/monday-fog-mid-week-rain-mid-week-monochrome/


  2. It is in Lamberhurst in Kent…


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    1. Thank you Jez… That camera is an old bridge camera and I still use it today.

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  7. I think buildings like that are perfect for monochrome. Great image Bren.

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    1. Beautiful images for the challenge.. I love the window shot…


  9. hello you two,
    an interesting and wonderful photo of a castle i like it very much.
    here is my contribution to the challenge, https://wp.me/pdALlZ-dp.
    many greetings robert

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    1. I love the window shot.


      1. thank you so much for your comment and i am glad that you like the picture.
        many greetings robert


  10. Looks wonderfully amazing in monochrome 🙂

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  13. Ooh, that looks a bit romantic! I’m very late but it seemed appropriate to also link my Lens Artists post this week to your monochrome challenge: https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/gallery-textures-of-nepal-in-monochrome/

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    1. No one’s ever to late xx. I don’t mind if anyone submits a photo to an old challenge. 😊😊. Thank you for joining in xx

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