Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Express

Have you just wanted a place to showcase your images? Do you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud?

With the photography plan starting at £9.98 a month… which is less than a Starbucks or Costa Coffee a week, you get the benefits of not just Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, but also Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Express.

Adobe Portfolio

With your subscription you can create five, yes five portfolio sites or just one like I have. You have full custom control over the font, content, colours, background in fact everything.

Brashley’s Portfolio Site

And it is so simple to keep track of what images you send to Lightroom Mobile and then import into your portfolio. Again, there is no need to clutter your computer with images… with the use of Smart Collections and their filters, you can create a smart collection easily.

You see, your photography plan doesn’t just give you access to all of the software, but extras too, Behance to showcase projects you are working on, Portfolios as well as Adobe Express which makes beautiful documents and even pages. And remember the basic photography plan gives you 20gb of cloud storage which you can use to create your portfolio collections. Once your collections are imported into your Portfolio you can stop syncing that particular collection with Lightroom Mobile. And that will always keep you with enough cloud storage.

Within your Portfolio you can create pages, for instance; your About Page, Copyright Page, Contact Page. And in your Navigation Menu, you can of course link to your blog, online store or another website. You have the options to create social media links. However, you are very limited on what you can embed.

Within the settings of your site, you have the option of Google Analytics plus using a custom domain for your Portfolio as well as other settings.

Adobe Express

Do you create flyers, posters, banners, logos, or brochures? Well Adobe has a free plan on their Adobe Express App, where you can create all of those items and all for free. Just go to where you can login via Google, Facebook, Email or your Adobe ID. If you are a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud, you will get the premium feature thrown in for free.

But it doesn’t stop there, you can create posts and schedule them to appear on your social media sites.

I have also created web pages where you can read and view images of places, we’ve visited in our Places to Visit Page.

I must admit… I am just getting to know more about Adobe Express… so stay tuned. I am sure I will be trying a project pretty soon. So, I’ll keep you updated in the future with what I’ve created.

And of course, remember you can also download lightroom mobile to use for free. Some of the premium features are not available for those who don’t subscribe but you can edit your images in Lightroom. Which by the way is a great learning curve and gives you a great look-in to what Lightroom can do for your images.


2 responses to “Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Express”

  1. I admit to not taking full advantage of my Adobe subscription. Basically, I use Lightroom Classic and that’s about it. I used to use Photoshop Elements, but now that I can use the full Photoshop, I find it too daunting so I stick with Luminar products for more advanced editing than Lightroom could do.
    Now, with masking and other features, Lightroom does a lot more than it used to as well.

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    1. This update has been brilliant… the only feature I would love to see is an amount slider in the color grading.

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