Fan of…. Interiors

We love to go to National Trust places because the vast majority of them have stately homes to visit. Being of a certain era, their decadence shines through. You truly get a feel of who lived there and how they made their own stamp on the property. It really does make us both fans of interiors.

Scotney Castle

Ightham Mote

Polesden Lacey

Those are only three of the houses we’ve visited in our travels. If you want to see real opulence then it has to be Polesden Lacey’s Gold Room where Margaret Greville would entertain her guests

I want a room I can entertain Maharajas in.”

Margaret Greville

And the Gold Room is exactly what she wanted… as Margaret loved to entertain.

You can view more interiors here.

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13 responses to “Fan of…. Interiors”

  1. Love going to these homes as well. Beautiful images.

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    1. Thank you….that’s why we joined the National Trust again…. I just love strolling around and capturing quaint things.

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  2. 👏👏👏. These are Soooo good. Light used, details, and excellent composition… very well done.


    1. Thank you very much xx

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  3. Of these, I only so far know Ightham Mote, which I love. Must get to see the others!


    1. We love Scotney Castle…. we’ve been back there several times along with Ightham Mote.

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  4. Wow, these interiors make me think at the many French castles we visited. Not the same, but with a similar decadence. My compliments for these pictures.

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    1. I just love old houses and stately homes.. they have so much character.

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  5. Brilliant post, Bren 👏 Love the first two shots in Scotney Castle the most; the lighting is superb & you can really feel the atmosphere from your pics 😃

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    1. Thank you xx it is truly a spectacular place to visit.

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