The Deer at Knole

Back in the summer we visited Knole near Sevenoaks in Kent… Just as we were heading back to the car with the dog… we stumbled across this herd of deer grazing. I was so proud of your Stewie… he just walked by them, ignoring them and not disturbing them at all. He also sat down as I shot this image of them.

A photograph of deer at Knole Park in Kent.

Camera Settings

Camera: Samsung A51 5g
Lens: n/a
F/Number: f/2.0
ISO: 32
Focal Distance: 4.6 mm

Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
Photograph Date: 27.07.2022
Location: Knole, Sevenoaks in Kent
Photographer: Bren Ryan
Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic

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19 responses to “The Deer at Knole”

  1. Beautiful photo. How serenely they are gazing.

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    1. Yes… they are so used to people now… they hardly move.

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      1. That’s both good and sad.

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        1. Oh, it is such a great big place with woodland they have so much space and places to hide…

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          1. I feel for them too be comfortable around humans may not be good for their survival in the long run

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  2. Beautiful! They surely aren’t afraid of people!

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    1. I remember one year we went… I was taking photos of the deer and when I looked round there was this great big buck standing next to me watching me take photos… Once I stopped clicking he wandered off.

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      1. Probably wanting to learn some techniques from the master photographer, eh? >grin<

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        1. I’m just glad he wandered off… 😀 😀 😀

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  3. We were very disconcerted by the deer at Knole. At Fountains, the deer are wild and wary of humans, but at Knole they were tame and tried to pinch our sandwiches and generally get involved. Not great!

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    1. Oh no… we’ve never had trouble with them like that… but they can be aggressive if they wish to be.

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      1. Yes. It pays to be attentive.


        1. He was standing right beside me.. just watching. The other half didn’t want to shout and tell me incase he got scared… but all ended well when I stopped clicking and he wandered off.

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  4. Nice shot and my compliments for your dog !


  5. Wow..looks like they are grazing in tandem :-)..Beautiful!

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