On the trail of beautiful dahlias

Pink Dahlia

Every Saturday Debbie Smyth hosts a 6-word-challnege. I’ve never taken part in it before, in fact I do contribute to her One Word Sunday, so here is my first entry to Debbie’s Smyth’s 6-word-challenge.

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8 responses to “On the trail of beautiful dahlias”

  1. Lovely! You’ll even convince me to like my least-loved flower (no, wait, that’s the chrysanthemum).

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    1. I get muddled up at times with dahlias and chrysanthemums, mind you I don’t mind chrysanths. They seem a very popular flower for bouquets.

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  2. I think I associate them with tired supermarket offerings. And dahlias? They just try too hard!

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    1. Yep, some of the chrysanths from supermarkets do look tired, I don’t mind them in formal gardens, where they’ve been cultivated correctly.

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  3. Realy nice dahlia collection Bren, beautiful photography too.

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    1. Thank you so much xx

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