Five at Five – Barbara of TeleportingWeena

This week’s Five at Five Intro features Writer Barbara from Teleportingweena blog. Barbara says in her About Page of Teleporting Weena blog.

Hi! Thanks for checking out my ‘about me” page and my blog! My name is Barbara aka ghostmmnc. I’m a writer. I write all kinds of things which you will see on here. I like to try all forms of the written word, including fan fiction, original short fiction, poetry, and of course blogging about whatever I’m thinking about.

Five at Five Questions

  • When and how did you start on your blogging journey? 

I started a blog in 2013. It was on a different site than Word Press. I wrote lots of posts there for a year, and almost nobody saw or read them. I might have had less than ten comments in that whole time. Then, a lady on Word Press said I should have a blog on WP, as it was much more friendly. So I did, and she was right.

  • What subject do you like writing the most? (food, travel, sci-fi, poetry, short stories, mixture of topics, etc)

 I like writing all kinds of things. I write fan fiction, short fiction, poetry, and my true ghost stories.

  • Have you been influenced by other writers, if so by whom and why? If not, who is your favourite author? 

I read a lot from a lot of different authors in all subjects. I don’t know if I’ve been influenced by them.  For a favorite author, Poppy Z Brite is one, and there are many more favorites that I will read all their books.

  • How and when do you plan writing your blog posts and what keeps you motivated (making notes, spur of the moment, etc). And do you photograph your own images for your blog posts? 

I don’t do much planning for a blog post. I go one day at a time and basically write stream of consciousness style. I will do some research on certain things though, before I post anything. What keeps me motivated? That I have a need to write things, and I have done so since I was first able to write letters and words.  Yes, I take all the pictures I post on my blog (excepting those such as logos and banners and such for different challenges).

  • What is your favourite form of reading, fiction or non-fiction?

I read all kinds of different subjects, including non-fiction, sci-fy, memoir/biography, novels, horror, and humor.

My Five Favourite Posts



Thank you, Barbara, for participating in the Five at Five Introduction Series.

Next Week’s Intro is Pam Wight of Rough Wighting


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  2. Thanks so much, Bren, for featuring me on your Five at Five post today! I so appreciate your thinking of me and the invitation. 🙂

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    1. You are welcome xx

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  4. Great interview. Nice to learn more about Barbara. I enjoy her posts.

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