Woodland and Flowers

For the Lens-Artists photo challenge this week, Anne ask’s us what is our groove in photography. Well for me I have two favourite subjects to photograph. Flowers and Woodland.

Lately I’ve been using my Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens for my floral photography and I am loving it and learning how to get the depth of field I want. And if I can photograph hydrangeas and roses, I am in my element.

My Floral Groove

My Woodland Groove

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12 responses to “Woodland and Flowers”

  1. So many beautiful photos!

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  2. Oh, these are beautiful photos!! ❤️

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  3. Love the soft processing of the Woodland Grove

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  4. Your photos are all so beautiful Bren!

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  5. Stunning photos and I like how the processing added even dreamier quality to the scenery. Woodland and flowers are definitely fun to photograph and hydrangea is one of my favorite subjects too.

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