My Favourite Three

Oh my God, I didn’t know how hard this was. In my Five at Five Challenge, I ask my featured photographers to pick 5 of their favourite images. I never knew how hard it was. But I will do my best for the Lens-Artists Photography Challenge.

Sarah who is hosting this week’s challenge asks us to pick 3 favourite images. And for me it has to be floral photographs. In fact, one of my choices is one I photographed today with my 60mm Macro Lens.

geranium flower

Today I photographed this beautiful Geranium flower at Great Comp Gardens, and the reason I have chosen it is simply because I love how my macro lens, blurred the background and showed the veins of deep pink in the petals.

My second photograph has to be a hydrangea. I love hydrangeas and whenever I see a bush, that is it… I am there photographing these beautiful blooms. Hydrangeas bring back childhood memories of a bush that was in my nan’s garden. To me as a small child it seemed massive. That is one flower that I love growing in tubs in my back-garden.

My final image has to be a pink rose I photographed at Nymans in West Sussex. Like hydrangeas, roses are also my favourite. If I see a sign for rose garden or a rose growing… that is, it! I am in there with my camera photographing these beautiful blooms. Roses remind me of my dad… they were his favourite flowers as well. Especially red roses. I can remember our garden being full of red rose buds.

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28 responses to “My Favourite Three”

  1. Beautiful! I especially like the last photo. Roses were my mother’s favorite too & she had a rose bush with exactly this color.

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    1. Thank you .. I have a wild rose growing at the bottom of the garden.. he has strick instructions not to prune it 🤣🤣

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  2. Love all of your choices Bren!

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  3. Excellent. LOVE the third and banner shot.

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  4. The lens did a fantastic job for you, Bren, lovely! ❤️

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  5. Lovely photos. I especially love that rose! I prefer yellow ones but this one is just beautiful!

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  6. Beautiful photos – the Hydrangeas photo is my favourite- love the light filtering eco 🍃

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  7. Beautiful Bren. My mom adored yellow roses. I’d not thought of that until I saw your comment about your dad. Lovely choices for the week.

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    1. Thank you Tina.. it is funny how flowers bring back memories!


  8. Beautiful floral photography Bren. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. These are gorgeous – thanks so much for sharing them for the challenge 🙂 I especially love the softness of the last image, of the rose. It could make a really special greetings card, for a birthday or thank you perhaps?

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    1. PS I forgot to say, it’s great to think I got my own back after you faced me with the daunting task of choosing just five 😆

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  10. Beautifully captured, Bren! I love the colors and lighting, Exquisite!

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  11. Excellent floral beauty and each photo so unique –

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  12. Breathtaking beauty!

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