Fill in those hotspots

A photographer I do follow is Woody Walters of Digital Photo Candy.. and he has taught me quite a lot about photoshop. Woody, hosts a member’s section, but does give free tips for Photoshop.

Today he was talking about filling in those hotspots, like bits of sky. He said it draws your attention to the whole photo and not just the highlights.

I need to practice with the cloning tool a bit more… but I can see by my own image how getting rid of those highlights of the sky draws your eye away from the sky bits to the woodland.

Thank you, Woody, I’m definitely going to practice this tip …


6 responses to “Fill in those hotspots”

  1. So beautiful! I could stay there all day!

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    1. Thank you xx… Those woods are my favourite xx



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    1. Thank you… It is a beautiful woodland.xx

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  3. […] on from yesterday’s post about Filling in The HotSpots, when I looked at the above image. I decided to do the same… Using Photoshop I filled in […]


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