Thursday Tree Love #129

A photograph of one of the trees that surrounds the lake at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
Lens: EF-S55-250mm f4-5.6 IS II
F/Number: f/5.6
ISO: 400

Focal Distance: 60 mm
Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec
Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic
Photographer: Bren Ryan

Posted as Part of Parul’s Thursday Tree Love Photography Challenge.


14 responses to “Thursday Tree Love #129”

  1. It is so pretty! I love it!

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  2. Beautiful! The branches seem to be reaching for the water!

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  3. Interesting dreamy photo of the tree. It looks almost magical.

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  4. Wonderful tree color in that shot! Alana ramblinwitham

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  5. It’s lovely and I love the color too. Feels as if it’s leaning to say hello. Thanks Bren! See you around for today’s edition.


  6. Amazing color and cozy shade. Looks like the perfect place to spread out a blanket and dream…

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    1. Thank you .. it was a lovely little area for a picnic xx

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  7. That’s beautifully processed, harmonizing contrasting colours

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