Painterly Photoshop Action

Remember my classic car from Hackberry in the USA post? Well today I found a painterly action on the web. It was whilst reading a post by Ana Mireles on Digital Photography School about best actions for Photoshop that I stumbled on this painterly action.

The download and instructions are available on Creative Cloud Discover Section.

Yes, there are brushes to install, patterns and an action… but I have to say it was easy to install by reading the instructions given on Creative Cloud and I have to say I was very impressed with the effects it did of my image.

I definitely will be using this more and more… and I have to say thanks to Ana Mireles for her post introducing people to Photoshop Actions.

Even a blurred photograph of a train leaving Cannon Street London can gain some charm..

Crossing the River Thames


8 responses to “Painterly Photoshop Action”

  1. I love the edits of these photos and the colours are just so beautiful! It reminds me of old adverts!

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    1. Thank you xx I am really pleased I found those actions… I agree it does remind you of old adverts


  2. I saw this truck on Flickr. One of my favorites of this technique you are using

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  3. Love the creativity in these pictures. Amazing art.

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      1. You are Welcome


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