Floral Friday – FF#44

A photograph of a rose photographed at Walmer Castle in Kent.

Camera Settings

Camera:  Canon EOS 1100F
Lens:  Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3-5.6 IS II
F/Number:  f/5.6
ISO:  2100

Focal Distance: 55mm
Shutter Speed:  1/320sec
Software: Adobe Lightroom Classic
Photographer: Bren Ryan

Well first of all apologies for my disappearance with no explanations. Well, the end of last year and the beginning of this year have not been too favourable to me and our family. The arthritis in my hands is getting worse… and typing and holding a mouse is getting too painful at times.

Then we had the dreaded virus in the house… luckily no hospital admissions, but son was surely ill. And is still suffering the side effects of it even today.

He finally tested negative and I thought the New Year would bring us better luck. How wrong could I be?

One week into the New Year and our dear Dumpling had to be put to sleep due to being in constant pain with arthritis and losing use in her back legs.

As for me… well, I’m still suffering. So, I’ve decided to try to see if I can manage to just do my challenges. Unfortunately, typing for too long and editing photos creates more pain for me, so I will have to refrain from joining in other people’s challenges. Which I am going to miss terribly!

I hope you all understand, and hopefully I will be able to keep up with the challenges… if not the only one I will continue with will be the Mid-Week Monochrome and if that gets too much, I will just do it monthly.

I really am missing my photography but there is no good being down beaten… there are a lot of people suffering worse than I am.

Wanna Join In On this Friday Challenge…

It’s simple, create a post using FF # (# being the number for the week) and use the FF and Floral Friday tags. Pingbacks are enabled, however, if you have trouble creating a pingback simply paste the link to your post in the comments section below. Happy Floral Friday everyone xx

If you would like to purchase this image, please click the link below.


14 responses to “Floral Friday – FF#44”

  1. I did wonder and hoped all was well Bren. Sorry to hear that the things you love have taken a back seat. If I had read this earlier I would have included this post in Floral Friday


  2. Sorry to hear of the troubles you have faced. The recent years have not be stellar that is for sure and even though we hope 2022 would be better, it has been a wreck so far. Take care and get better. Allan

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    1. It sure has been aawful start to the year..

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  3. I wondered what happened, Bren. I hope you will feel better soon. 🙏🏻

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    1. Thanks .. not sure if I have carpal tunnel syndrome/rsi or whether it’s the arthritis …

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      1. I hope you can get this sorted out. I’ve heard of Carpal Tunnel and how painful it can be. Please get better so we can see more of your beautiful photography, Bren! ❤️🇬🇧

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  4. So sorry that you are not well, hope it will get better.

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  5. I imagine how difficult it might be for you to not be able to engage in photography and experience the joy this brings you. I wish you relief and that our pain be soothed.

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  6. I imagine how difficult it might be for you to not be able to engage in photography and experience the joy this brings you. I wish you relief and that your pain be soothed.

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