One Word Sunday – Point

A twirled and swirled photo of a pink and white flower.

This challenge had me thinking… then I went through some images that I have twirled in the past and came across this one… I just love the points on the orange tones of the image. Below is a close up of the centre of the image. Where you can clearly see the orange and yellow points.

A twirled and swirled photo of a pink and white flower.

Posted as Part of Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday Photography Challenge – Point.


12 responses to “One Word Sunday – Point”

  1. Beauty!

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  2. These are so pretty

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  3. That feature makes for beautiful and unusual shots, Bren. Love it.


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    1. Thank you… I love twirling images.. it is surprising what you can create …


  4. This is certainly so spot on for the point prompt 🙂

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