Fan of….#101 – Photography Challenges.

As a photographer, one thing I do love to do is partake in Photography Challenges. This post is just one of those challenges, curated by Jez Braithwaite in his Fan of.. series. Jez holds two challenges

Fan of….

Water Water Everywhere.

What I love about Photography Challenges is the inspiration it gives you. Photography Challenges are also a great way to showcase your images and find fellow bloggers. Taking part in challenges is great fun and over the years I have found some great photographers and inspirationalists.

Other challenges I like to take parrt in are:

Posted as Part of Jez’s Fan Of… Photography Challenge.


6 responses to “Fan of….#101 – Photography Challenges.”

  1. Brilliant post, Bren 👏 a stunning gallery of shots 😃

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  2. Your fishing boat almost makes me want to go offshore fishing, it looks so peaceful and romantic.
    But from my one experience of offshore fishing, I remember things can change quickly!!
    Wonderful photos – so clever and inspiring
    E 🙂

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    1. Thank you… Taking pictures of boats is as far as I’ll go.. I haven’t got sea legs 🤣🤣🤣

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  3. Beautiful photos!! Love it!

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