Flower of the Day – FOTD – Artificial Flowers

A still life image of a bunch of roses.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T100
Lens: XC15-45mm lens
F/Number: f/16.0
ISO: 200

Focal Distance: 15mm
Shutter Speed: 0..7 sec
Software: Adobe Lightroom CC

I shot this bunch of artificial flowers at f/16 because I wanted the sharpness, but once I started processing the image I used a preset I created called ‘Dreamy’, which gives a softer feel to the image. So I could’ve shot the image at a lower f/number.

I wanted to take my X-T100 with me on our trip on Saturday but the battery had drained and for the life of me I couldn’t find the charger.

So a quick visit to Amazon and I ordered a universal charger and hey presto I’m back up and running.

What I love about my X-T100 it is lightweight, small, (ideal for street photography) and fits nicely on a desktop tripod I have. When using my Canon 70D or 600D DSLR I find they are too heavy for table-top tripods and today I just couldn’t be bothered to get my tripod out and set up. So it was my dainty little Fujifilm that got an outing today. How lazy of me!

It was so nice and felt so good, to get back to doing some still life photography…

Until next time…. happy snapping !!!!

Posted as Part of Cee’s Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.


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