Port Isaac

A photograph of the Coastline at Port Isaac in Cornwall

I had a chance to upgrade my tablet over the weekend… so I opted for the Samsung Tab S7. I know I should have saved the gift card for a new PC, but as I am a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud I thought I would try some editing on Lightroom CC.

So far I am enjoying my trial and error editing… and I do hope to get more conversant with the settings of Lightroom CC.

Yes compared to Lightroom Classic, it does have it’s limitations, but so far overall what I like about it, is that a tablet is easy to use, lightweight, easy to store and it saves having the laptop plugged in all the time.

As we are not out much due to lockdown, taking images, a tablet is ideal at the moment. By all accounts, this tablet has full OTG support (whatever that means), but I think if I get an adapter I can store my images onto an external hard drive and view images on an SD Card via an adapter. Which will be absolutely great when on holiday instead of lugging a laptop with me. Things for me to look into.

Now to work on devising a workflow method. 😀 😀 😀

The only think I don’t like is…. even though it syncs, Titles, Captions, you can’t sync keywords between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic. And as a great user of keywords I find this a tad annoying.

Anyway I will keep you tuned as to how I get on…


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  1. I bought a small HP 360 which can do wifi and cell data. I paid extra so it has tons of power and storage. I love it. No need for me to use the Lightroom cloud version which I don’t like. It is connected to my cellphone service.

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