On the Water

Water Images by Brashley Photography

Yesterday I spoke about free print templates for Lightroom Classic.. well one place you could visit is a blog run by Jill called Flourish Photo Blog. Jill also explains throughout her blog how to edit the templates.. as well has having other free stuff to download including Presets and Textures. The template I used was called 9up-Black-2P2L5S-Spacers.

I am becoming a real fan of these templates especially to showcase certain images, like the topic of water.

Many thanks to Jill Levenhagen for the templates and Jez Braithwaite for the two photography challenges.


13 responses to “On the Water”

  1. I love the look of this! Great template to showcase the photos.
    📸 😊🌟

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  2. This template has certainly added a new touch to your water captures, Bren 🙂

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    1. Thank you xx I really am m enjoying playing with these templates.

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  3. Glad you live the templates! Thanks for the link! Find a template on my site that doesn’t have an link to another photographer (some are just mine or friends), fill it with your photos, send it to me and I will post your example with a link back!

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    1. Thank you Jill.. I will do that xx


  4. Apparently I can’t spell “LOVE”…sorry girl my typo.

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  5. And then another typo! Oh well, I’m getting old. I will be sure to edit this comment before I “send”.


  6. Fantastic shots, showcased brilliantly 😃

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  7. I love that template and such a nice way to show a few photos at once!!

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