Aria Force Print Template

Aria Force in Cumbria

I am really loving playing around in the Print Module of Lightroom. It is an ideal way of showcasing some images of a place you’ve visited.

I used an A4 template with 3 cells. If you want to, you can download the print template by clicking on the link below.

To use the template just unzip the file and in the Print Module on the left hand side panel called Template Browser right click and select where you want to install your preset.

The settings I used are as follows.

  • Image Settings
    • Photo Border 1.9pt
    • Inner Stroke 2.8pt Colour Pale Grey
  • Rulers, Grids and Guides
    • I used inches
      (Note this can be changed to centimetres, millimetres, points or picas
    • Grips Snap set to Grid
    • I checked the box to Show Guides and Selected, Rulers, Page, Bleed, Page Grid, Image Cells.
  • Cells ( I worked on these cells first making sure each cell was marked as Send to Front)
    • Two Smaller Cells
      • Added image to each Cell
      • I just moved the cells and increased the dimensions of the cell, whilst still keeping the same aspect ratio, I used 3 inch Height by 4.5 inch Width by using Adjust Selected Cell.
        (You can add more Cells by clicking on Add to Package and selecting the size of cell you want. Remember to right click on the cell you add and select Send to Front so that the Cell is laid on top of the main image. Again you can alter the size by using the Adjust Selected Cell Properties.)
    • Main Image
      • Added image to Cell
      • Cells Panel
        • Adjust Selected Cell Height 8.26 in, Width 11.69
      • (Then I Control and Clicked on the Image to move the image within the cell.)
  • Page
    • Page Background Colour – used a white shade
    • I ticked the Identity plate
      (Note to change the Identity plate just right click on the dropdown arrow in the box and select edit. You can change this to whatever font, colour, wording and size you want. You can also remove the identity plate by unchecking the box.)
    • Set the Opacity to 51%
    • Scale to 35%
  • Print Job
    • Set Print to jpeg File
    • File Resolution to 300ppi
      (You can lower this if you wish if you are only using the image for screen.)
    • Colour Management
      • Profile sRGB
      • Intent Perceptual
  • Click Print to File.
    (Note I saved my image to the folder where I stored my Aria Force images. Once the save was completed, I went to the Library Module and then imported the image into my Catalogue.)

There are various other options you can play around with like adding your watermark to each image. However do remember that if you check the Watermark box the watermark will be added to every image cell.


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  1. I like that.. I wonder if they have similar in photoshop.. 😉

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