Thatched Hut

Photographed at Rosemoor Gardens in Devon.

I don’t know what it is but there is something in that thatched hut that I like. Whether it is the picket fence around the hut, or the mixture of building materials, straw, brick, wood and plaster I not sure. But I like it xx

And by taking a step or two backwards, he managed to photograph more of the picket fence. When something inspires you… take the shot and then move back or change your angle, you never know which image is going to inspire you xx

Photographed at Rosemoor Gardens in Devon.

In this case it was both images that inspire me xx Have a good Thursday everyone xx


12 responses to “Thatched Hut”

  1. there is something inspiring, mystical and romantic about the hut

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    1. Thank you xx… Yes you are right it is mystical and romantic xx


  2. Wonderful capture 🙂

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  3. I love thatched huts..

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  4. I like the way the fence is holding the cottage cozy.

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  5. I scrolled down your home page. You have some beautiful photos. This one is my favorite.

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  6. Wonderful photo. It makes the hut look so inviting. Thanks for showing us this photo.

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