Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #97- Pastimes

You know me… I love my twirls and swirls. And this week for the challenge I thought I would take inspiration from Ann-Christine and her beautiful blog post experimenting with swirls. Please check out the links in Ann-Christine’s post as I have learnt a lot about the art of swirling.

This is definitely something I will be experimenting with in the future as I can see it being another pastime for me with my swirling and twirling..

Posted as Part of Sue’s Lens-Artists Photography Challenge.


10 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #97- Pastimes”

  1. Cool effect Bren – I agree, swirling can be so fun. One of these days I’ll post something with it but more learning first!

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    1. Thank you Tina… I have really got the swirl bug xx


  2. Splendid swirls, Bren! And I like the comparison between color and b/w. Thank you for sharing your pastime and participating in the challenge.

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    1. Thank you Sue xx Credit to Ann-Christine for giving my inspiration to try something new. I’ve been twirling images in the past but never thought of swirling and showing part of the original image. xx


  3. Super cool.
    Any step by step instructions ?
    I checked you tube. Twirl is there but not swirl
    Interesting concept.
    Thank you

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    1. Thank you. xx I’ve added the instructions on the bottom of this post https://brashley.photography/2020/05/23/black-and-blue-swirl/


  4. That worked perfectly..

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  5. Lovely, Bren! And thank you for the mention and me inspiring! So good you put in instructions as well. I had forgotten you did twirling, and I really did not know the difference between twirling and swirling! Somehow I used the same name…thank you for explaining.

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