Black and Blue Swirl (With Instructions)

Surfing at Joss Bay



How to Swirl

  1. Open image in Photoshop.
  2. Duplicate layer Control+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac)
  3. Convert duplicated layer to Smart Layer, by right clicking on layer and selecting Convert to Smart Layer.
  4. Add Mezzotint Filter – Pixelate – Medium Strokes
  5. Add radial Filter – Blur – Radial Blur – Amount 76, Blur Method Zoom, Quality Best.
  6. Repeat Step 4 as many times as you like until you achieve the radial blur that you want.
  7. Add twirl – Filter – Distort – Twirl – 250 (you can change this number to suit whatever effect you want. You can even use a negative number if you wish).
    Tip – I set the preview so that I can see the whole image twirl and then play around with the slider, until I get the twirl effect I want.
  8. When you are finished create a stamped layer.  (Press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E (Windows) or Shift+Command+Option+E (Mac)
  9. Add a black layer mask by selecting Add Layer Mask and then Control I (windows) Command I (Mac) to invert mask to black and then set your brush to a low opacity and flow I used 35 and 35 and paint in the areas (using white) where you want the swirl effect to show.
    TipYou can hold down the Alt (windows) Option (Mac) when clicking on the layer mask and that will automatically fill the layer mask with black).
  10. Save your image.


6 responses to “Black and Blue Swirl (With Instructions)”

  1. That is so interesting keeping the centre and swirling round it;;

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  2. Love your surfing, Bren! Than k you for the dreamy one as well – and the tutorial!

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    1. You are welcome… Thanks for giving me the inspiration xx


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