Friendly Friday Challenge – Surprise

Herne Bay
Photographed at Herne Bay in Kent.

It’s been nearly two week’s since we have been allowed to drive places here in England.  And then you are restricted to where you go. Anyway, last Saturday we took a trip to Herne Bay and I was surprised, to say the least at the lack of social distancing.

People milling around as if it was normal times.  And it just wasn’t the young ones, some of the elderly were not social distancing either.  We did our best to keep two metres from everyone else.. but it is hard at times especially when people pass you and the only way you can move over is to fall into the sea 😀 😀   So we treated from the seafront to a quiet place that overlooked Herne Bay to our left.

Reculver Towers
Photographed at Herne Bay in Kent.

And Reculver Towers to our right.

Posted as Part of Friendly Friday Photography Challenge.


4 responses to “Friendly Friday Challenge – Surprise”

  1. Great shots, Bren 👏 I know to some, windfarms are an eyesore, but I love seeing them as to me they are an indicator of sustainable power & and the move away from dependance on fossil fuels 😃

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    1. Thank you xx He likes them too xx.. me… I’m an old fashioned windmill person. Mind you they are easy to remove in Photoshop.😂😂


  2. If we are to be locked down we can still get out and see wonderful views such as this. And get some exercise as well. I enjoyed your views for Friendly Friday. Thanks for contributing to our weekly posts.

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    1. Thank you xx. Really enjoyed the challenge xx


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