Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return

Today, keeping social distancing.. I met up with my little grandson… oh boy have I missed the grandchildren.  Anyway, we met at Bluewater.  Now I’ve always thought Bluewater was just a shopping centre, but round by the House of Frazer is the Bluewater Nature Trail.

And as I was sitting waiting on a bench, I saw this very little baby gosling with its parents.

Baby Gosling

And just as they walked off, from out of the water appeared these goslings which were slightly older.

Photographed at Bluewater Nature Trail in Kent.

Now I didn’t even know this park was there… so it is definitely a place I will return to.

Posted as Part of Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return.


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13 responses to “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Return”

  1. The goslings are the same size as those I saw here about three days ago. Nice work!

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    1. Thank you xx… They are so beautiful. Mind you their parents were very protective… I was lucky I had my phone with me to get the shot.xx


  2. Lovely photos

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  3. Ice place to return to again and again 💜

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    1. Yes… To think I’ve lived here all these years and didn’t know it existed xx


  4. Love the photos of the goslings!

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you xx. Have a great weekend too xx


  5. What a cute duckling.. so small..

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    1. It’s parents were so protective over it.. mind you that was the only gosling in that group xx

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