Fan Of… #68 – Monochrome Photography

Posted as Part of Jez’s Fan Of… #68 Photography Challenge.



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16 responses to “Fan Of… #68 – Monochrome Photography”

  1. I Like monochrome photos too! The detail is so beautiful!

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    1. Thank you xx..I just love the dark contrasts of monochrome images xx

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  2. I enjoyed your post displaying the monochrome photos!

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  3. A stunning gallery, Bren 👏 Easy to see why you’re a fan! Your monochrome work is definately an inspiration to me 😃

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  4. I don’t do a ton of monochrome photos but seeing your photos is so inspirational for me to do so!


    1. Thank youxx… So pleased to hear I’ve inspired you to do Monochrome. I love it especially if you have a bland sky xx

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  5. big fan of Ansel Adams and Barry Goldwater, both artists in monochrome….

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  6. Amazing contrast, light and dark !

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  7. […] in May 2020, I wrote a post about how I was a fan of Monochrome Photography, and all I can say nearly 18 months later that passion for monochrome photography is still as […]


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