Photo for the Week – 65 – Glass

I hope everyone is OK and keeping safe in these worrying times.

Thank you for your submissions for the last challenge called – Creative.  WOW, such beautiful images depicting the colour green.    Thank you all.  This week the topic is called Glass.

There are so many glass things around us.. windows, jars, trinket boxes, mirrors, the choice is yours.

Beads and Flower
A photograph of a glass bowl with beads and flower.

I look forward to seeing your images for this week’s challenge.

Last Week’s Entries

The art of flying – bushboys world
PFTW~ 64~ Sunflower Butterfly | Daphsam Photography & Art
RyanPhotography-WeeklyPC-64-Creative – WoollyMuses
Photo for the Week – 64- Creative | nowathome

Wanna Join In On This Monday Challenge…

It’s simple, create a post using PFTW # (# being the number for the week) and use the PFTW and Photo For the Week tags. Pingbacks are enabled, however, if you have trouble creating a pingback simply paste the link to your post in the comments section below. Happy Monday everyone. Have a good week xx

16 thoughts on “Photo for the Week – 65 – Glass

  1. Hi Bren, when I was about to post my comment, the power went off and I lost it 🙂
    I like your image and wonderful composition with such great lighting and exposure! My contribution about patterns as glass reflections is not a new post but I just updated it for only glass. I hope it qualifies…


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