One Word Sunday – Division

From Black and White to Colour

Originally this image was one of blossom photographed at Bateman

Blossom at Bateman’s

In Lightroom, I added a grad filter to desaturate one half of the image and played around with the temperature sliders.

Lightroom Edit

Then I took the image to Photoshop. Where I performed the following steps.

  • Duplicated Layer
  • Added a Texture – Multiple Blend mode
  • Added an Exposure Adjustment Layer – Exposure +0.10, Gamma Correction 1.00 – Normal Blend Mode
  • Added a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer – Brightness 143, Contrast -49 – Normal Blend Mode
  • Added a Vibrance Adjustment Layer – Vibrance – 100, Saturation -6, Normal blend mode
  • Stamped layers together.
  • Copied Layer
  • On the copied layer, I selected Lighten Blend Mode and increased the image size just slightly.
  • Saved Image

Back in Lightroom

  • Created another graduated filter and played around with exposure, Whites, Blacks, and Saturation Levels.

I love how the texture made a pattern and how the leaves turned greenish/yellow.


Posted as Part of Debbie’s One Word Sunday – Division Photography challenge.



5 responses to “One Word Sunday – Division”

  1. Such clever post processing.. wow..

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  2. A lovely final image. Similar to mine but more subtle! 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t find anything in my archives or think if anything so I took your image as inspiration xx


  3. […] Brashley Photography […]

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