Your Daily Word Prompt – #Challenge – #YDWordPrompt April 14, 2020

A few months again I set myself a challenge, to do another genre of photography.  The genre I chose was Still Life Photography. 

It has turned out to be an aspect of photography that I love to do.

Easy Reading

Posted as Part of Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt – #Challenge – #YDWordPrompt April 14, 2020

7 responses to “Your Daily Word Prompt – #Challenge – #YDWordPrompt April 14, 2020”

  1. Thank goodness for reading at this time..

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    1. Yes… I’m not a great reader.. so I’ve been keeping occupied with still life photography… but I am now going stir crazy… longing for the day to go back out with our cameras.

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  2. I like the light coming down over the book, looks like fun to photograph.

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    1. Thank you xx.. It is fun to do .. especially when you’re in a lockdown and can’t go out xx


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