One Word Sunday – What… a Nuclear Sub

What ... A nuclear sub.
A photograph of a nuclear submarine moored on the River Medway at Rochester Kent.

What a find… a nuclear sub on the River Medway.  I’ve lived in Medway all my life and it wasn’t until I took up photography that I found a Russian Sub moored on the River Medway.   Yes, the U-475 Black Widow Russian Sub sits on the Medway.

Posted as Part of Debbie’s One Word Sunday Photography Challenge.

4 responses to “One Word Sunday – What… a Nuclear Sub”

  1. Isn’t that fascinating.. wow

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    1. We didn’t know it was there until we photographed a church on a hill and looked down over towards the river.

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  2. Another great shot. I know I said you mote shot was the original #SocialDistancing, but now I’m wondering if the sub was more.

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    1. Yep it could well be.. I will be glad when this is all over and I can get out with my camera again xx


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