Fan Of #59…. Lensball

A photograph of roses photographed through a lens ball.

I too am a fan of my Lens-Ball… haven’t been out with it much but use it for still life photography.  And now I’ve got my little bedroom, partly as a studio, I can see me experimenting with this more.

Posted as Part of Jez’s Fan Of… Photography Challenge.


5 responses to “Fan Of #59…. Lensball”

  1. I’ll have to read up on that.. 😉

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    1. It is great fun xx playing with a lensball

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  2. Awesome, great to see some more lensball shots, Bren 👏 I’ve done some similar still life shots which will no doubt be posted soon 😃

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    1. I think if we are in lock-down and self isolated … still life is going to be growing in this household xx


  3. […] all 😁 Inspired by Bren’s Fan Of… post, here’s my entry for Floral […]


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