Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scale

Candle Jar and Beads
A photograph of a candle jar with beads and flower.

Oh, boy was this challenge tricky… and I had to get my mind thinking. So for my scale entry to Frank’s challenge, I used beads and a peony flower. The beads are of a smaller scale to the peony flower. Both similar in shape but different in size.

On another note, I’ve been busy… normally I do my still life in the dining room. But every time I set something up and take an image, I have to tidy it all away again.

We have a little box room, where the grandchild come and stay, but most of the time it is a redundant room. Sometimes it becomes the room to dump things in.. But I’ve reclaimed the space and now use it as my studio. It is great because I can use my tripod, and I don’t have to pack everything away when I’ve created a set-up. Win-Win!!

So by having this little studio in a bedroom, it has scaled down the problem that was impacting my still-life photography whilst in the dining room.

Posted as Part of Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scale


7 responses to “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scale”

  1. Great to have your own space.. 😉

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    1. Oh yes… Had to have a declutter.. but I’ve got my small studio xx


  2. I wish I had a place like that!

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    1. It makes still life photography so much easier xx


  3. Love the look and feel of this😊

    Pat R

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  4. […] created a truly interesting photo for this theme, as you can see in her post in Brashley Photography; I just love the composition and lighting on the peony and […]


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