Photo for the Week – 59 – Shadows

Thank you for your submissions for last week’s challenge called – Fur-babies.  WOW, what a wonderful selection of fur-babies.    Thank you all.  This week the topic is called Shadows.

My entry for the challenge is an image I photographed of Whitstable Castle where you can see the shadows of the tree on the stonework of the castle.

Whitstable Castle
A monochrome photograph of Whitstable Castle in Kent.

I look forward to seeing your shadow entries.

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Wanna Join In On This Monday Challenge…

It’s simple, create a post using PFTW # (# being the number for the week) and use the PFTW and Photo For the Week tags. Pingbacks are enabled, however, if you have trouble creating a pingback simply paste the link to your post in the comments section below. Happy Monday everyone. Have a good week xx

23 responses to “Photo for the Week – 59 – Shadows”

    1. Great images showing shadows xx

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  1. thankful-by.lily avatar

    Wow, magical 😊

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  5. Fantastic capture, Bren 👏 The cirrus clouds look like they are the tower blowing away 😃

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    1. Thank you… Sorry don’t know what happened but I found your comment in Spam, WordPress at its best again. Yes it does look like the towers are blowing away.


  6. Adds a bit of mystique to the castle

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  7. Hi Bren. My first time here. Winter just won’t go away, so working on this theme brightened my day.

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    1. Thank you for joining us… So pleased you have joined in the challenge xx. great first entry xx


  8. Wow!
    This casting shadow looks so wonderfully amazing 🙂

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  10. More fine work, Bren: Hope yiur family is fairing well under these very difficult times?

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    1. Thank you xx. Yes we ok… Can’t wait to get back out with my camera though xx


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