Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Sea Creatures.

Well, I know my little clownfish isn’t in the sea, and the other fishes want to think thank God she’s in a tank.  Because she is one bully.  We bought two clownfish and hoped they would get along and breed.  By all accounts, they determine with time what sex they want to be.  And the dominant sex, female, is the ruler.

We were told get clownfish… Yeh … !!!!  Hours of fun… they say!!!

She was growing and becoming more dominant and as the days went on… she was bullying the other clownfish.  We were told they would sort it out.  Unfortunately, they didn’t and the little clownfish died.

Now, we have a Royal Gramma and so far so good.  They get along.  But this clownfish will never be able to accept another clownfish.  She attacks everything.  The magnetic glass cleaner.  The scrubber used to clean the plastic and did try to take on the Royal Gramma but didn’t succeed.  Thank God,  otherwise, that would have been two fish we lost.

Our Royal Gramma lives mainly in the rock arch… but I think she is following in sis’s footsteps they other night, she took on a hermit crab that got too close to her little cave. 😀 😀 😀

So in our little tank, we have two snails… that look like a diplodocus and bury themselves in the sand, two hermit crabs, and two snails…  By all accounts, these are referred to as the Clean-Up Crew for Saltwater Marine tanks.

The fun will be starting in a few weeks.. as we try to introduce a Goby fish and Shrimp if they are already paired up.

Posted as Part of the Friendly Friday Photography Challenge.


8 responses to “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Sea Creatures.”

  1. Wow – so Nemo’s cousin is aggressive! who would have thought they would be like this. I guess fish have personality traits too and a spectrum of behaviour. Interesting too that they can determine their sex. Excellent photo for the theme this week. Thanks for joining in on the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

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    1. I never thought they would be aggressive… I just thought we were unlucky. But we went to another fish shop and they had one in a tank on its own. They couldn’t put any other fish in.. cos it attacked them. They said at times it would attack them.😂😂😂

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    2. Of course, they are aggressive. They live in the OPEN OCEAN!!!


      1. Yes. I guess they have to be

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  2. If the fish die, you can repurpose the fish tank and accessories for an African Cichlid tank. Still, aggressive fish, still very colourful but easier to replace should you lose one.

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    1. So far so good… Hopefully things are on the up… Just a shame we can’t put another clownfish in xx


  3. Fish life isn’t easy! Always predators looking for a catch. An interesting tale about these clownfish.

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    1. There is so much you have to check with marine fish. We only got the tank and fish at Christmas… So it’s still in the settling down phase.


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