Photo for the Week – 57 – Flowers

Thank you for your submissions for last week’s challenge called – Lights. We had some beautiful images showing various forms of light. Thank you to all those that entered.

So the challenge this week is – Flowers. Flowers brighten our spirits, bring us happiness when sad and add beauty to this world when everything seems gloomy.


A photograph of a bouquet of flowers.

So when it was cold and pouring with rain, I treated myself to this beautiful bouquet from Tesco’s.

I look forward to seeing your flowery entries.

Last Week’s Challenge Entries

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Wanna Join In On This Monday Challenge…

It’s simple, create a post using PFTW # (# being the number for the week) and use the PFTW and Photo For the Week tags. Pingbacks are enabled, however, if you have trouble creating a pingback simply paste the link to your post in the comments section below. Happy Monday everyone. Have a good week xx

26 responses to “Photo for the Week – 57 – Flowers”

  1. […] droplets Looking at my notifications I saw that Bren’s Photo for the Week – 57 – Flowers also fitted in for this series of images taken during another wonderful rain shower this morning. […]

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  2. This looks very lovely, Bren 🙂

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  3. I do like your flowers Bren 🙂

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    1. Thanks.. I do love my flowers.. even if I do have to buy my own…😂😂😂 Think I could hover around the flower stall in Tescos all day… And he still wouldn’t get the hint 😂😂😂

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  4. […] with Brashley Photography’s PHOTO FOR THE WEEK – 57 – FLOWERS and Cee Neuner’s FOTD – February 24 – Cineraria […]

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  5. There is nothing better than a bunch of fresh flowers in a house!

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  6. […] Photo of the Week ChallengeFlowers in Balina. Northern […]

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  7. thankful~by.lily avatar

    Love your definition of flowers. 🙂 So nice; pic.

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  8. […] morning, my flowers for for Brashley Photography’s, Photo for the Week – 57 – FLOWERS […]

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  9. […] Hi all 😁 These bright pink African daisies, shoy at Glasgow Botanic Gardens are my post for Brashley’s Photo For The Week: Flowers. […]

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  10. Beautiful flowers, Bren 👏 My wife got a similar bouquet of daisies the other week that prompted my week of daisies on Microblog 😃

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    1. Thank you xx… Mine are still flowering xx


  11. […] Here is my entry for Brashley’s Photo for the Week #57 Challenge with the topic Flowers. […]

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    1. Thank you Cee xx .. Beautiful flowers you’ve submitted. Thanks for joining in xx


  12. […] Brashley Photography’s Photo for the Week: Flowers, and a second entry for Sunshine’s Macro […]

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  13. […] Posted for Bren’s Photo of the Week – 57 – Flowers. […]

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  14. […] * Photo for the Week: flowers […]

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