Still Life – Vintage flowers

Vintage Flowers
A photograph of flowers in a jug given a vintage, shabby chic effect.

A still life photographer I have learnt from is Julie Powell.  Julie is so creative and inspires you to be creative as well as giving you tips on how to further your still life photography journey.  Julie has a blog documenting her journey into still life photography.  And it was her roses post that inspired me to create the above image. I love the vintage shabby chic style she created as well as the dark and moody feel to the image.

My original image was bright and vibrant with colour.

Vintage Flowers

I knew where I wanted to go with this image.. and I love the effect I’ve created.  In fact, I have saved the settings for my shabby chic vintage feel as a preset, so I can use it again on further images.

If you like this preset, then please feel free to download it from the link below.

Still Life – Vintage – Shabby Chic Preset

P.S. I created the preset in Windows so I don’t know if it will work on a MAC.  If someone knows how to create a MAC OS version I would be grateful for the tutorial.



10 responses to “Still Life – Vintage flowers”

  1. Both versions are beautiful, I admire your skills. 🥰

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  2. The desaturated look gives a completely different emotional feel to the image. Fantastic work!

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  3. I love the shabby chic style, Bren. Really beautiful

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  4. Nice antique look. Very pretty.

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