Still Life – Flowers and Jar Candle

Peonies and Beads

Arthritis in my hands is slowing getting worse… and trying to hold a DSLR camera at times in a nigh on impossible at times. Due to arthritic hip, PMR and Fibromyalgia, going out in cold damp weather does not help. So I’ve found myself taking up still life… which by the way I am loving.

Below is an image of my setup to create the above image.

As you can see… my new toy a Fuji X-T100. I know it is an older model camera… but for ages, I have admired the pictures that this camera produces. And being reduced from £619 to £349 I just couldn’t resist.

I love it. It is easy to hold, nowhere as heavy as my Canon 70D and fits perfectly with my tabletop tripod which I purchased a while back. But for the above shot… I just used one of the boxes that I use for my still life work.

It is taking some getting used to. But I do love the photographs this camera takes. The sharpness, colours and above all the fact that this camera shoots in RAW.

My Amazon Goodies..

Fuji X-T100 – £349
Table Top Tripod – £29.99


8 responses to “Still Life – Flowers and Jar Candle”

  1. I so enjoy your Still Life images. Your composition and colour is wonderful.

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  2. Great image. Love Still Life. Probably my favourite genre.

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    1. Thank you.. I too am taking a real liking to it xx


  3. Wow stills are a lot of effort.. 😉

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    1. They are a lot of work and but so worth it x

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  4. Nice images glad you’ve found a subject you can accommodate with your challenges. Like you I’m learning to cope with Fibromyalgia, being unable to drive at present landscape locations are limited hence the smoke photography at home.

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    1. Thank you… I know your pain… It is a horrible disease.


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