Thursday Doors – 6th February 2010

Black Door

A photograph of doors photographed at Morden Hall Park in London with climbing roses growing either side of the door.  By the looks of it, this isn’t a singular door but two doors, as each door has it’s own hinges.  However, with no door furniture on the outside, I would say it can only be opened, if at all, from the inside.

Posted as Part of Norm’s Thursday Doors Photography Challenge.


  1. That’s an interesting door, especially having no door furniture. You know there’s no turning back now don’t you. You’ll not be able to pass a door without a proper look.

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  2. Welcome to the world of door addiction, Bren! It’s a real thing. 🙂 But at least it’s relatively harmless, although it can certainly impede your progress!! It is interesting that there are no handles on the outside. I love the flowers.


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