Candlelit flowers and Easy Reading – Still Life

Tealight and flowers
A still life candlelit photograph of pine cones, flowers and sticks in a log.

Still-life photography doesn’t have to be coloured.  It can be monochrome.  One of the images from the image above’s still-life shoot was originally posted in colour.

And it was only the other day for a photography challenge, I converted the below image, originally posted in colour, to monochrome.

Easy Reading
A monochrome still-life photograph of a candle, book and wine.

And I liked the tones.  Lately, I have been drawn to monochrome photography.  I’ve always liked black and white images, but recently I find myself getting more and more drawn to processing recent images in monochrome.  Perhaps it is a phase I’m I going through!  And I can see myself processing more and more images in monochrome.

Has your photography style changed?  Do you have a preference when it comes to colour or monochrome?  I would love to hear your views!


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