Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – All in a Row

Beach Huts
A photograph of beach huts all in a row at Whistable in Kent.

For my entries into Amanda’s Photography Challenge, I’ve used images which were photographed at Whitstable in Kent. My first image is of the beach huts.

My second image is of three boats in a row at the harbour.

Fishing Boats
A photograph of red fishing boats in the harbour at Whitstable in Kent.

Posted as Part of Amanda’s Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – All in a Row.

10 responses to “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – All in a Row”

  1. These are just so gorgeous. I am a fan of vivid colour and these really caught my eye. Are they in your area?

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    1. Thank you. Yes they are on the coast at Whitstable in Kent, it’s about a 35 min drive.. and such a quaint area. I love it down that way.


  2. Very nice image.
    Thanks for sharing with us at T Hope to see you again next week!

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  3. Can you please tell me about the challenge


    1. It is a challenge set by Joseph here is the link
      The idea is you post a picture from around your home xx


  4. I like these a lot, especially how/where you chose to place the focus on the huts. This is something I am exploring more lately. Where in my life in general, as when photographing, do I choose to place my focus and my attention.

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    1. Thank you xx. It was the vivid colours that caught our eye xx

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  5. Beautiful images. Reminds me of Burano Island, near Venice and all their colorful houses.

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    1. Thank you xx Beautiful images, love your entry for this challenge, thanks for sharing your link xx…


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