Adding Texture

Whilst shooting my latest still-life I decided to remove the crate and add a black backdrop.

layers - glass and petalsBy using a black backdrop… in Photoshop via the Magic Wand tool I was able to add textures, whilst masking out the black section so that the main texture affected just the black background.

I then added a hue adjustment layer, to that specific layer to alter the colour from a blue to orange tones.  Then I added another texture to the whole image and masked out the areas where I didn’t want the texture to be.  Once I was finished I saved the file twice (giving different names to each file – one wit the Hue adjustment layer and one without) as I knew I wanted to work on the two images with the same adjustments in Lightroom, using the blue and the orange backdrops.

Once I was happy I then went into the Print Module and created a file with both images to show the comparisons.

Textured - two tones

By using a black backdrop it made the masking out so much easier, and made the application of the textures so much easier to work with.


4 responses to “Adding Texture”

  1. super cool to see the transformation!

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  2. Looks like a beautiful painting

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