Well, you’ve heard of Brangelina, Brexit and now Megxit!  But have you heard of Brashley?  Well, neither had I until today.

It all started with a simple comment from JohnRH on my Lens-Artists Leading Lines post this morning.

Brashley suggestion.

You see when we first started our photography journey we were known as RyanPhotogrpahy…. as we were using our surname for our photography.  But it got confusing with people thinking my name was Ryan🤔🤔.

So to stop the confusion I renamed our blog Bren and Ashley Ryan Photography Great I thought, until this morning when John posted his comment!!!

That was it!!! The name started to grow on me…. it is simple, it is catchy, and I like it.  So as the day progressed, the more and more I thought, yes it is 2020 new decade so time to rebrand for this decade.  Our website name is far too long… this way with a catchy new name it is easy to remember.

I can’t thank John enough… for his inspiration.

So now the mission starts.   I can’t go through all the images and re-watermark them… so I will put a disclaimer in our Copyright Page that all images are protected by copyright.  And of course, update our about us.

Changes will be coming over the next few days… with a new URL being implemented. At present, the link if clicked on will forward you to https:// So over the coming days, the new URL will be in place and the old URL will act as the forwarding address to our new site.

So please bookmark our new URL

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