Thursday Doors – January 16, 2020

Wooden Gate

One of the garden gate doors, photographed with the gardens of Sissinghurst Castle in Kent.

Posted as part of Norm’s Thursday Doors Photography Challenge.


26 responses to “Thursday Doors – January 16, 2020”

  1. I love this garden door, it’s beautiful.

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  2. When I saw the subject of this wonderful photo, I just had to say a few words. My grandmother grew up in the priest’s house in Sissinghurst Castle. She had 11 brothers and most of the family, including her father, were farm labourers. She worked in the diary at Sissinghurst castle when she grew up. My grandfather was once on a holiday in Sissinghurst visiting relations where he met my grandmother and that was how she eventually left Sissinghurst to live in East London when she married my grandfather.

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    1. Wow what a lovely story. Thank you for sharing your story and liking the image. It is so nice to read stories where people have an attachment to the place xx

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  3. Such an inviting shot of a beautiful door, Bren, and you even got a good story out of it. Happy Thursday.


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    1. Thank you.. it was a very nostalgic story xx


  4. One of the best gardens ever! Thanks for the lovely photo!


    1. Thank you… It sure is… Iove the walk around the grounds xx


  5. A wonderful submission with a fairytale quality.

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  6. Burnett’s Secret Garden beyond perhaps? I’d walk through this door any day.

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  7. Wow, love this photo!

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  8. One can only guess what secrets are forever hidden behind such a door.

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    1. Yes.. that door does have a magical look to it xx


  9. Love this capture! So welcoming.

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  10. Makes me think of the secret garden.. 😉


    1. Yes.. I loved the reader’s story that came with it xx


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