Tuesday Photo Challenge – Transport

Grand Canyon Railway

During our holiday in the USA, we visited the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on this grand train.

Posted as part of Frank’s Tuesday Photography Challenge.


10 responses to “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Transport”

  1. This is a great picture

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  2. Nice capture 👍🏼

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  3. Now that is what a train should look like! Beautiful photo! One of the kind the bigger the better

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    1. Thank you xx… I was just in awe of the size of that engine xx


  4. Great shot.. Did one 7 day rail trip.. That’s the only real sleeping over one i’ve done..


    1. Thank you.. our holiday was a rail trip going from San Francisco down to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Monterey.


  5. […] must have had a grand voyage on the wonderful train that she features in her post in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography; I suspect that the Grand Canyon added even more to the […]


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